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Experienced Toronto Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

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Experienced Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto Stacey R. Ball

Year called to the bar: 1990

Experienced Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto

Stacey Ball is the founder and principal lawyer of Ball Professional Corporation, an employment law firm in Toronto that helps employees throughout Ontario and across Canada in all matters pertaining to employment law with a particular focus on wrongful dismissal cases.

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have dealt with job loss or termination but that does not make it any less stressful or frustrating.

If you suspect your termination was improper, it is important to contact a legal professional who can tell you whether the termination was legal or if it was a case of wrongful dismissal.

Experienced Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto

With 25 years experience, not only can Stacey Ball tell you if your employer’s actions amount to wrongful dismissal, he can also advise you if their actions / offers are fair and reasonable under employment law in Canada.

If your employer wants you gone – Stacey can’t get your job back. He can however, make sure you are treated and compensated fairly should you find yourself wrongfully dismissed. Even if you are presented with what appears to be generous severance, still give Stacey Ball a call. He is often able to negotiate more favourable terms for his clients – Above and beyond your first offer.

If you were wrongfully dismissed, Stacey is available to act on your behalf to obtain the proper severance pay and other benefits that you may be entitled to.

Stacey Ball helps Protect Employee Rights in:

An Experienced Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer in Toronto Advocating for Employees

Being fired is always difficult. Trust the experts at Ball Professional Corporation to protect your rights and help you move forward with your work life in a positive way and on to new and better opportunities.

Contact Stacey Ball today for as conversation about how he can help you:

Call 416-921-7997 x225 or email Stacey today to discuss your termination or other employment law needs.

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