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Experienced IT | Cloud | SaaS | Contract Lawyer Toronto

Chetan Phull

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Experienced IT Cloud SaaS Contract Lawyer Toronto | Chetan Phull

Chetan Phull

IT, eCommerce, Cloud, SaaS Contract Lawyer

Year called to the bar: 2013

The goods and services provided by IT companies, tech start-ups and e-comm sites can be complex. To avoid misunderstandings between you and your customers and/or suppliers on deliverables, it is best to have formalized, standard, operational contracts.

Smartblock law helps technology companies of all sizes manage relationships with customers and suppliers to ensure the smooth, successful operation of your business and avoid conflict and litigation.

Chetan Phull can draft and formalize special and day-to-day operational contracts for your IT business, including:

  • Licensing agreements
  • Co-development agreements
  • Co-marketing agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Employee and independent contract agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Maintenance and support agreements
  • Cloud, SaaS and Fog computing agreements
  • Hosting agreements
  • E-mail and internet use policies

As your IT contract lawyer, Chetan can help negotiate these contracts, or represent you in a dispute arising from one of these contracts.

Smartblock Law also handles contractual and other issues that commonly arise in the Internet & E-Commerce space including:

  • Internet contracts
  • User content issues
  • Terms of use and Cookie policies
  • Anti-spam legislation (CASL)
  • Domain name disputes and transfer agreements
  • Social media policies
  • Electronic signatures
  • Competition law

Chetan Phull can also protect your IT, SaaS, eCommerce or Cloud enterprise’s interests as your IT services procurement lawyer. He can protect your interests when assisting in the negotiation and procuring of talent when third party assistance with software development and platform servicing is needed. Such as:

  • Requests for proposals
  • Statements of Work
  • Change orders and Amendments
  • Legal issues regarding deployment/roll-outs, and management processes
  • Issues regarding Ontario’s Supply Chain Guideline (2009), and Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive
  • Emerging issues from the Canadian Free Trade Agreement
  • NAFTA/USMCA and other international free trade agreement issues

Experienced Legal Guidance for High-Tech, Cloud, SaaS and Online Contracts

As with most complex matters, it is best to be proactive about contracts and your relationships with consumers and suppliers. Chetan Phull has extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and litigating contracts and contractual conflicts in the high-tech world. He maintains a busy practice as a cybersecurity and Internet Lawyer in Toronto and is the author of – Big Data Law in Canada

Contact Chetan Phull to discuss your IT contract requirements and how important they can be to your business. 647-243-5018.

Chetan helps IT, internet and eCommerce companies
formalize contracts specific to your high-tech needs.

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